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E-waste, the modern day monster: Rapid scientific progress has been made and new frontiers reached with the advent of the twenty - first century. Progress has brought with it some problems, viz. large quantities of Non-Decomposable Electronic Dump/Wastage; this is acquiring monstrous proportions.

This multi-headed e-waste monster has many sides.

  • Telecommunication Waste: Mobile phones, Telephones, Telephone exchanges Wireless Equipment cables and related scrap material
  • Electrical Waste: Switches, Relays, Connectors and related Scrap Material.
  • Electronic Waste: Electronic – metal waste, Printed Circuit Boards, E – Equipment and Machinery, IC, Sockets Connectors.
  • Cable Waste: PVC, Pre Insulated Copper and Aluminium Cable waste.
Recycling Waste Management

At Future Tech Waste, we make sure your (E)Waste does not end up in a place like this.